Strategic Location

It is a regional hub for multinational companies which offers global connections and acts as a bridge to expand into different markets. And also there’s easy, same-day access to markets in 16 different time zones, from Tokyo to New York.

The Strong Economy

Turkey is among the countries with the highest growth rate consistently. It is predicted that Turkey’s growth momentum will continue in the coming years.

Internal Market Size

In addition to its size in the domestic market, Turkey offers the opportunity to reach approximately 1.3 billion consumers in regional markets with the help of free trade agreements.

Young and Qualified Workforce

Nearly half of Turkey’s population consists of young, dynamic, well-educated and highly cultured populations under the age of 32. Turkey offers opportunities with its young, dynamic and growing population, which forms the basis of a strong labor market and vibrant domestic market.

Investment Environment

While Turkey offers investors highly competitive investment conditions, their rights are protected by the principle of equal treatment for all investors. With its strong industry and service sector, Turkey hosts more than 78 thousand companies with international capital as of 2022.


Comprehensive R&D incentives in Turkey are also supported by a well-trained and skilled workforce, competitive cost advantages and many global companies operating in the market. The combination of all these elements creates a dynamic ecosystem in Turkey.


New and improved technical infrastructure in the transport, telecommunications and energy sectors; highly developed, low-cost maritime transport; To the advantage of transportation to Central and Eastern Europe by rail; well-structured transport facilities and a direct transmission mechanism to most EU countries; It has made Turkey an important hub on a global scale.