MÜSİAD Genel Başkanı Mahmut Asmalı: Ülkemiz Küresel Bir Ticaret Merkezi Olma Yolunda Hızla İlerliyor

Mahmut Asmalı, Chairman of the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD), said, “We are rapidly progressing towards becoming Europe’s global trade and production center. There is enough bread and work for everyone. There’s no need to upset us. The future of our country is very clear and bright,” he said. Speaking to Yeni Şafak, Asmalı said that they will establish a MUSIAD Trade Office to support investors.

Türkiye is the second fastest growing economy in the world. It was able to achieve this with private sector investments. Mahmut Asmalı, President of the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD), which has nearly 13 thousand members, said that they are hopeful for the future of the Turkish economy. Asmalı made important statements regarding the demands of the producers and industrialists and the targets for the new period.


There is a shortage of space in OSBs. How did this situation affect you?

All of our OSBs are currently full. Due to the lack of space, the square meter of the industrial land has increased to 700 dollars. It’s so high number. Whether we are a member or not, we chat with many industrialists wherever we go. The industrialists are waiting for more concrete steps regarding land allocation. When we say the money our industrialists give to the land, the cost of construction, machinery equipment and raw materials, the expense item increases. Which one do you get. Of course, let’s not make arable agricultural lands industrial buildings, but the areas that are not suitable for agriculture should be allocated to the industrialists quickly. The sensitivity at the point of agricultural areas should be more than in the residences. Housing should not be built there.

How do you see the future of Türkiye?

Türkiye is a beautiful country. Infrastructure and superstructure investments have been completed. Even if a nail is not hammered in this country, we have the infrastructure that will take 20 years. So there’s no need to get discouraged. Türkiye’s future is very clear and bright. We are rapidly moving towards becoming the production center of Europe. There is enough bread and work for everyone.


How is the investment and production movement in Anatolia?

When we go to Anatolia, we stop by our friends. An attempt was made to create a very chaotic environment in Türkiye, especially in November and December of last year, when the exchange rate was active. At the beginning of the year, we asked our members, “How will the year 2022 be?” We requested data from all our branches. We think that 40 thousand people will be employed in 30 different cities and 50 different locations by the end of the year with an investment cost of 40 billion TL. We saw the start of our project in 50 different locations. Anadolu produces, invests and trusts the future of the country. We have seen that investments are made in many fields from chemistry to agriculture, from textiles to energy.


What is your most important agenda item? What are your future goals?

In the next period, we will accelerate our overseas structuring and organizational structure. We had a project called the ‘Arab Investor Liaison Office’ that we considered in the MUSIAD strategic action plan. A little more of this we expanded. We are establishing a center within MUSIAD called the International Investment Coordination Center. There are many business people who want to come to Türkiye and invest. Our flexible production power and logistics infrastructure attract the attention of foreigners. In addition, Istanbul Airport is at a very attractive and strategic point. We do not want these people to invest in the wrong sectors with the wrong people here and get upset. We did its work. We will introduce this at MUSIAD EXPO. We are establishing MUSIAD Trade Office. We have 12 thousand 950 members. We have a very good pool of business people. We will bring them together, increase trade, and bring together investment opportunities abroad and in our country. We bring their capital together and establish an investment office that will provide investment opportunities for qualified projects.

What topics were discussed the most when you met with the Minister of Agriculture?

In the past weeks, we met with the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirişci. At the meeting, our friends who are interested in agriculture and engaged in production conveyed their problems. We said that we attach great importance to contract agriculture. We wanted to support the product, not the field. We made a proposal for agricultural lists. We said that agriculture should be evaluated in a strategic product category. Türkiye must produce the agricultural products it needs by itself. Some of our friends wanted the name of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to be changed to the Ministry of National Food, Agriculture and Livestock and Forestry. We presented nearly 15 articles about agriculture to our minister.

Could you give some information about MUSIAD EXPO?

EXPO is a very important event organized by MÜISAD since 1993. This year we will organize the 19th. We expect more than 100 thousand business people and participants from 124 different countries to attend the fair, which will be held on 2-5 November and will be attended by our members from 24 different sectors. This year, we organized very special purchasing committees. Special procurement committees come from 50 countries such as Azerbaijan, Russia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan and Algeria.

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