Mahmut Asmalı, President of MUSIAD, said, “We aim to offer commercial research and reliable areas to those who want to invest in our country, backstages and studies in the field through the private sector, in a comprehensive way.”

Mahmut Asmalı, President of the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD), said that they will implement the International Investment Support Office with a principle that aims to present the most accurate investment areas in the healthiest way through commercial research for those who want to invest in the country.

MUSIAD President Asmalı, who took office on September 11, 2021, evaluated the one-year process that has passed.

Stating that they achieved the majority of the goals they declared when they took office, Asmalı noted that especially the Young MUSIAD and MUSIAD Women’s organizations carried out successful works.

Reminding that they signed two important programs such as IBF Baku and Vizyoner’21 right after starting work, Asmalı explained that they carried out the economy evaluation survey as of the end of the year and announced on January 5 with the participation of the Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati.

Stating that they held the meetings where the problems in front of trade were discussed with the participation of the Minister of Trade Mehmet Muş, Asmalı stated that they had the opportunity to consult with the members and business people in Anatolia through the meetings of the general administrative board and the sector boards in different cities of Türkiye.

The structuring in the G20 countries will be completed with Argentina

Reminding that they set 7 strategic goals when they started, Asmalı said that they achieved 6 of these goals. Asmalı said, “We wanted to complete the structuring of MUSIAD in the G20 countries. We were not in Mexico and Argentina. We established Mexico, only Argentina remained. Hopefully we will complete it.” said.

Mentioning that they brought the ambassadors of foreign countries together with the industrialists in Anatolia through Anatolian Economic Diplomacy programs, Asmalı said, “We took the UAE ambassador to Kayseri, the Niger ambassador to Çorum, and the Hungarian ambassador to Samsun. We take the guest ambassadors of our country to Anatolia periodically. We will also take the ambassadors of Japan, Greece and Switzerland to our industrialists.”

International Investment Support Office is established

Noting that one of their goals is to establish the MUSIAD Arab Businessmen Liaison Office, Asmalı said, “We are expanding this further and implementing it as an International Investment Support Office within MUSIAD.” said.

Asmalı said, “There are state institutions for those who want to invest in our country, but we can say that it is the most appropriate investment area with the private sector’s backstages, studies and commercial researches, who does what business, which sector is better to invest in, it suits MUSIAD’s reliable brand image. We aim to provide such a service in some way.” used the phrases.

Reminding that the work on the establishment of International Arbitration continues, Asmalı noted that they have accelerated their e-commerce efforts for their members.

Asmalı stated that they will soon share two separate research reports on education and economy with the public.

MUSIAD member enterprises employ approximately 2 million people

Explaining the position of MUSIAD in the economy and business world with figures, Asmalı stated that they continue their activities at 165 contact points, 84 of which are domestic and 81 are abroad. Stating that they have reached 71 countries as MUSIAD and that they have more than 10 branches in Germany, Asmalı said, “We are going to the USA at the end of October. We have a goal of being organized in 50 states of the USA,” he said.

Sharing the information that the number of members has increased to 12 thousand 925, Asmalı said, “I am proud to say that 35 percent of this, ie 4 thousand 558, are our brothers from Young MUSIAD. Therefore, our future is solid. Our youth and our women’s working group are doing very good activities. “We have 60 thousand businesses. We provide employment for approximately 2 million people. Our members make 20 percent of Türkiye’s exports.” made its assessment.

MUSIAD President Asmalı also emphasized that they emphasized the importance of bringing together capitals in order to increase the number of exporting members.

Explaining that he went to the opening of Türkiye’s first industrial cag kebab business industrial facility in Erzurum Oltu, Asmalı said, “20 of our members brought their capitals together and established a very important facility. Many of our branches, many of our members are doing activities like this. Hopefully, we want to increase the number and scale of such good examples in the coming period.” used the phrases.

“We expect more than 100 thousand visitors from 124 countries to MUSIAD EXPO 2022”

Referring to the MUSIAD EXPO 2022 Trade Fair, which will be held on November 2-5 with the cooperation of MUSIAD and Tüyap Fair Organization Group, Asmalı explained that MUSIAD EXPO, which has been held uninterruptedly every 2 years since 1993, is a mixed organization where members from all sectors can exhibit their products and services.

Two years ago, under the influence of the epidemic, at the fair with masks, noting that the satisfaction rate of the participating members was as high as 97 percent, Asmalı said, “At that time, we had a stand area of ​​14 thousand square meters, this year we increased it to 25 thousand. We are preparing more seriously, both with the effect of getting rid of the pandemic and with new dynamics. This year, we expect more than 100 thousand visitors from 124 countries.

Purchasing delegations from 24 different sectors will come to the fair. These are delegations from different countries of the world such as Azerbaijan, Russia, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Nigeria. The companies represented by these delegations make foreign purchases worth billions of dollars. A delegation of 300 people will come from Saudi Arabia alone. The owner of the largest retail chain in Saudi Arabia will come.” he said.

Explaining that some sectors will come to the fore depending on the conjuncture at the fair, Asmalı noted that agricultural products have reached a very strategic point, especially with the food crisis. Stating that they have members engaged in serious production and export in agriculture and food, Asmalı continued his words as follows:

“At this fair, there will be a very serious potential related to agriculture, investment opportunities will be discussed, there is an idea to establish a greenhouse organized industrial zone, maybe there will be talks about it. There will also be an opportunity to introduce our defense industry companies and products, and to establish new partnerships at this point. In addition, free booth areas will be provided where our high value-added, innovative technological companies in software technology will increase and new ideas of startups and young people will be exhibited.

We will host very important meetings where both entrepreneurs and investors can come together. As you know, IBF meetings were held at MUSIAD fairs, this year we will add meetings with the participation of D-8 ambassadors.“

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