MUSIAD; It is Türkiye’s most widespread business world non governmental organization, that has been working hard for more than 32 years for the material and moral development of Türkiye and is a non profit.

MUSIAD; It is a capital and cooperation platform operating on both a national and global scale with its structuring in 84 points in Türkiye and 81 countries abroad, with the number of members exceeding 13,000, 60,000 businesses belonging to its members and employment provided to 2,000,000 people.

MUSIAD; has never made any concessions from the motto of “high morality, high technology” that it adopted in its establishment. It has always been on the side of truth and justice. It has been accepted as an independent, reliable and respected, voluntary business organization in Türkiye and internationally.

MUSIAD is a strong Non-Governmental Organization that defends deep-rooted civilization values, law and justice in every platform. Beside that, it is also an active actor in humanitarian diplomacy with its social responsibility projects and commercial diplomacy with its international activities.

Türkiye is an attractive investment center in the international arena with its qualified young population, advantageous investment incentives and dynamic structure with its political stability, strategic location, market size, strong industry, production and raw material diversity.

The global experience of MUSIAD  is now turning into an even stronger and strategic structure with Türkiye’s investment opportunities.

MUSIAD is launching the “MUSIAD International Investment Support Office” (MUSIAD INVEST) in order to contribute to Türkiye’s international investment climate within the framework of its responsibility arising from its mission.

There are some  primary objectives of MUSIAD INVEST are:

  • To encourage international business people to invest in Türkiye, and to provide quality and safe guidance services in this direction,
  • To guide the investors quickly and accurately through the expert staff working in the office center,
  • To introduce international business people to MUSIAD’s portfolio of high quality and reliable service members,
  • To offer international business people cooperation / partnership opportunities with MUSIAD’s global trade network in Türkiye and 81 different countries,
  • Bringing the investments or projects of MÜSİAD members, who are currently working or have unfinished investments, feasibility projects, together with international business people,
  • To guide the  international investors in new generation technology-oriented investment areas along with traditional investment models,
  • To provide contacts with the public and private sector bureaucracy that the investors will need,
  • To provide the special services to investors in strategic investments,

to contribute to the economic development of Türkiye and international investors.

MUSIAD INVEST; will support the demands of international investors through its members who are experienced in their fields and have the ability to serve in a foreign language.

MUSIAD INVEST; will provide services to investors on the following main topics:

  • The personal consultancy services: Citizenship consulting, visa consulting, work permit consulting, residence consulting, foreign employment consulting etc.
  • The financial consultancy services: Company establishment, tax and accounting, audit etc.
  • The legal consultancy services: Mergers and acquisitions, new laws and regulations, etc.
  • The sectoral consultancy services: Sectoral market research, investment consultancy, EIA, investment incentives, etc. for the manufacturing industry, agriculture, energy, real estate sectors and service sectors such as health and tourism.
  • The corporate consultancy services: Virtual office, brand and patent, HR, training, customs and logistics, IT, promotion, insurance, fair organization, tourism, translation/interpretation services etc.

It is aimed that to create various regional / country desks over time  within MUSIAD INVEST  (such as EU Desk, MENA Desk, Americas Desk, Africa Desk, Iran Desk).

We wish that MUSIAD International Investment Support Office to be beneficial to the entire business world.